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Customizing your WordPress Theme and Plugins for your website can take a little work. Getting your website to look the way you would like and work the way would like it to may require some creative coding.

Setting up and configuring WordPress websites is what I do best. If you have a WordPress website, or would like to have one, contact me today.

Each WordPress website / blog is unique, the theme and combination of plugins & customization you use make your website distinct.

If you have a WordPress website and need help or if you would like to get your website started using WordPress give me a call and let’s get started.

Call (480)326-3283 for more information about WordPress Services in Phoenix

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WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Using Page Builder by SiteOrigin for WordPress

Using Page Builder by SiteOrigin for WordPress

POST UPDATE !!! – After using and reviewing Page Builder by SiteOrigin the results are in. It is best avoided and had a negative impact on the website’s SEO overall.

If you have worked with WordPress one of the things you notice right away is how limited the Page and Post editor is. Very simple but not a lot of tools to work with. Well there’s a reason for this in that WordPress is Blog and used to create Post entries, a picture and paragraph.

With the popularity of WordPress growing, designers continue to push the limits.

Here’s the good news, you can replace the default editor with a Plugin. There are a variety of Editors you can install that will give you further functionality. Some work fairly well others are a bit buggy.

As a designer I mostly do Page and Post design by editing the Code (the text tab). This is typically what you would need to do to achieve advanced layout and formatting.
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WordPress Search Engine Optimization

How to get the Search Engines to like your WordPress Website

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to optimizing WordPress for the Search Engines you have a lot of choices on how you can include the desired content you want for the relevant search terms you wish to target.

Most of you know the basics as far as meta tags and keywords etc. Yes, the basics but there are so many other elements and tags you can use to improve your website’s exposure and sadly there is no one way to accomplish this. How you proceed will depend on the subject matter of your website and what goals you have.

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Finding a WordPress Designer in Arizona

More and more companies are using WordPress for their website.

WordPress Designer in Arizona

In Arizona there is only one person you need to call to get help with your WordPress website. (480)326-3283 Whether or not you need your blog updated a plugin installed or your theme modified that is the number to call. Keeping your website up to date is really important and with all the different ways WordPress can be utilized and configured sometimes updating them can be a challenge.
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Making WordPress Yours

WordPress is Becoming a Household Word.

Making WordPress Yours

If you have a website chances are you have heard of or seen a WordPress website. What is WordPress? What can WordPress do? How can I customize WordPress? Simply put, WordPress is a Blog and the differences between a Blog and a CMS are important to understand. In WordPress you can create a Page or a Post. Depending on which you use will produce different output. To customize the look and feel of your WordPress site requires you to understand and edit PHP code. Most of the changes will be done to the actual Theme files not WordPress files. The PHP programming you will need to do to the Theme will depend greatly on how the Theme was developed by the Theme developer / author. It is for this reason that finding help on-line can be tough. If you need help customizing your WordPress site call me today at (480) 326-3283

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Website Designer Available in Arizona

WordPress Website Designer Available in Arizona

Website Designer Available  Arizona

Web Guy Arizona, I offer complete Website Design and HTML Programming services to clients and businesses in Arizona

For more information about Web Design Services call

(480) 326 3283

HTML programming, multimedia, website design & management, graphics design, authoring, digital photography and video production and more. Can handle projects of all types for clients in need of services including both corporate and personal websites.

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