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A Few Things You Should Know About Godaddy

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Beware of Godaddy

Here are a few things to know about Hosting your website on Godaddy

First off, you are paying more than you should. You should really take a look at other providers to see what other options you have. Unlike Godaddy, many other hosting companies are unlimited when it comes to how domains can you host on one account, unlimited email account, as much disk space as you need and many other features/software to use for your website.

Go ahead and login to your Godaddy account and review your statement and review what services you have, what they do and how much you are paying for all of it. Now go look at some others, you will be surprised how much you can get for $9.99/month. (No, you can relax I'm not selling hosting.)

Other than cost the service is questionable as well. Their hosting packages vary notably one from the next. No two ever seem to be equal or the same. Many of the features you would expect to find are simply not there but, may be available at an additional cost. ("caveat emptor")

Moving past that, lets talk performance and functionality. Godaddy has the worst file manager I've ever had to use, time outs, failures and what is up with this lost API error that just won't go away? The error log setting seems to do nothing, the stats also lack a great deal and many other things just aren't their or working. This is what makes debugging a crashed site on Godaddy a lot harder then it should be.

And God help you if you have a website on Godaddy that has web page with a form on it that you count on. Time and time again I have had to explain to a confused client why the form they have on their website doesn't work on Godaddy hosting. Once again they make things harder then they should be to keep a site up and working. 

I have make several observations about Godaddy compared to other hosting solutions and I can tell you that you can do better.

One last note, you should know that when you call Godaddy support that you are not talking to a tech. You are talking to a commission driven sales person. They will try everything they can to get you to add an additional services that has nothing to do with the problem you are trying to resolve. Go ahead and ask them and they will tell you they can sell you anything you would like.


Now that you know Website Hosting companies are not all the same what's next ? 

Your Really Not Getting a Good Deal with Godaddy

What Should You Know about Godaddy Services ?

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