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As an agency owner, I have dealt with a variety of web site designers, and while many were

proficient, none stood out. That is until we met Scott ,his work is outstanding.

Scott is more than just a web site designer. He is a web site architect, a web site engineer. He understands how content affects search engine optimization, and he knows how to code a site so that it ranks highest in organic searches.

Scott knows business. He understands that a web site has to create results for the business owner. His savvy understanding of business and web sites provide our clients with an edge that a typical web designer can’t provide.

The front ends of Scott’s web site creations are optimized for the end user, while the back ends are optimized for ever-changing technology. Whether it’s for a mobile site, or one that will be viewed on a full screen, his sites are state-of-the-art. All of the sites he has created or updated for our agency clients have risen dramatically in quality and search rankings.

More than anyone we worked with, Scott knows how to create sites that are state-of-the-art AND engaging.

Finally, Scott works quickly and asks the right questions. He brings to the table options that the average business owner might never think of. His attention to detail, and his intimate understanding of the architecture of web sites is invaluable.

We currently work with Scott on at least four of our client’s web sites and intend to work together in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.