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What a great experience with Scott. I had taken my lap top

for repairs to a company called Incomputer what a joke!!

They told me it would take a couple of days and they had to re-program the entire computer? They said they had to put windows back on it (where did it go)? They were not able to answer any of my questions but told me it would cost $150 well need less to say I walked out without any answers they obviously don’t want my business.

Dumby me I bought a desktop from them (cheap) the saying you get what you pay for yep!! It worked for two weeks and quit! I went to exchange it and they were never open and always had a sign on the door “At Lunch”. When I finally got there when they weren’t out to lunch they were shutting the doors “moving to another location”. “Just call me and I’ll exchange it for”. Well it’s been 7 months and I still have a broken desktop every time I call the owner Tom will be there tomorrow I guess tomorrow never comes?!

Needing a working computer, I gave my lap top to Scott and asked him if there was anything he could do.

Scott said it took more time to open the box and turn on the computer then it took to fix it.

Thank you for being smart!!