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GoDaddy Hosting WordPress

Having GoDaddy host your WordPress site is a really bad idea unless you like problems and doubt.

GoDaddy Hosting WordPress

Godaddy is popular but are they the provider for you?

I have worked with a variety of clients that picked GoDaddy as their hosting provider for their WordPress Blog and time and time again I run into limitations and problems that I don’t normally encounter with other hosting providers.

Yes, hosting providers vary and offer different features, services and pricing for the services and options they offer. They are not all the same!

Godaddy is expensive and limited in many ways when it comes to the services and options they offer you.

Working with a client currently who is using WordPress on GoDaddy. Their site has crashed numerous times in the last few weeks for no reason. Was working fine and then all the sudden stopped. No changes. No one had even logged in. No evidence of any hacks. Nothing, just stopped working. None of the other site I am managing are have these issues. Time and time again the common thread is that the site is hosted on GoDaddy.

Picking a suitable host for your WordPress Web Site is easy. Their are plenty of hosting providers that offer hosting services that offer all you need and all you want at a very affordable cost. Shop around, you can find full hosting for around $5/month and have all that you will ever need without any limitations.

If you are using GoDaddy for your hosting provider for your WordPress Website, take a look at how much you are paying and how much you are getting.

Having the right hosting provider for your WordPress can make all the difference.

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Hosting WordPress Website on GoDaddy

What Should You Know about having a WordPress Blog on Godaddy ?

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Avoid Hosting Your WordPress Site with GoDaddy

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