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Godaddy Hosting – You Suck !

Worst Hosting I’m Forced To Work With!

The control panel and services you offer really don’t perform.

Godaddy Hosting - You Suck !

Time and time again I’m asked to work on a client’s site that is hosted on Godaddy, and each time I cringe. It has come to the point that I now have to charge more if a site I am working on is hosted on GoDaddy. No 2 accounts are ever the same. The interface and control panel is useless and slower then any others I work with.


( I have been sitting here now for over an hour waiting for a zip file to open on a client’s Godaddy account so that I can fix a Joomla site that has been down all day. The client is a major company and is not very happy that their website just stopped working. In the last week I have had to move and fix 5 websites from 3 different clients all of which had Godaddy as their hosting provider. Makes you think.)

There was an error talking to the API, please try again later. – The Filemanger is just junk. And it has been this way for a long time. Why don’t you fix things? Are you too small of a company and don’t have the personnel? Perhaps you should spend less time playing on the slide and get back to work. Try this, stop trying to sell your customers more questionable services and start actually helping them. How bout this, keep your customers informed. When you decide to turn off the email service for an account, how about giving them notice instead of just letting them find out after the fact. When you do an update, how about giving them a heads up.

If you are relying on Godaddy for hosting your website and you are having problems and are frustrated, you are not alone.

If you need your website or blog up and running then you should find a hosting provider that will do just that and not leave you in doubt. Granted each hosting company will have an issue from time to time, updates and maintenance and a problem here or there but that is true with anything.

There are many other options when it comes to hosting. Do your research and ask questions. Cost is always a concern. How much are you paying and what are you really getting compared to other hosting providers.

Godaddy loves to charge you for every little this and that while other hosting providers will give you all the resources and space you need to do anything you would like without limitation and at an affordable cost compared to Godaddy pricing. You can get all that you would ever need for around $10/month if you just take the time to shop around and ask the right questions. Still waiting for this file to un-zip. Can’t wait to get done with this and move on to the next project.

If you are serious about your WordPress Website/Blog or your Joomla Website you may want to re-consider using Godaddy as your hosting provider. You need your website to work and you need it to be reliable. Do all you can to make sure that happens and pick a host that is capable and affordable.

Now that you know how important Hosting for your WordPress Blog is what’s next?

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