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Setting up a successful blog takes a little effort and planning. Obviously the look and layout are important but the functionality is equally important.

Building a following and getting visitors to participant is clearly the goal. Writing solid articles and creating good images will take sometime. How you wish to organize and present your blog post so that visitors can find and review post is also something that is important.

Other items of concern would be, do you wish to have ads on your website with the hopes of generating revenue? Do you want visitors to leave comments about your articles and post? Do you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter?

With so many blogs on the internet, you will need to put a little effort into your blog to stand out.

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Think Twice About Hosting Your WordPress Site With Godaddy

It was working fine all this time and then it just stopped working. I can’t login and my forms stopped working. I’m losing money, I need my site up and working NOW.

Hosting Your WordPress Site With Godaddy

Once again today I had to move 2 WordPress sites off of GoDaddy Hosting. The client had simply had enough of what he was forced to put up with.

My forms keep stop working for no reason what so ever. Customers complained that I wasn’t responding to their request but I never got it. It was working fine and no changes had been made what so ever. I tried to login to my Dashboard and saw nothing more than the “White Screen of Death”. My Plugins stopped working, help!

Each time I would call for help and got no where slowly but found myself being presented with numerous opportunities to buy more services that could help in the future etc. I need this problem fixed before I think about buying more things that will just stop working for no reason. And on and on ……

Move my sites NOW!!!! Get me out of here ASAP!!!!
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blog, or weblog, is an online journal, diary, or serial published by a person or group of people. Blogs are typically used by individuals or peer groups, but are occasionally used by companies or organizations as well. In the corporate arena, the only adopters of the blog format so far have tended to be design firms, web media companies, and other “bleeding edge” tech firms. Blogs often contain public as well as private content. Depending on the functionality of the CMS software that is used, some authors may restrict access — through the use of accounts or passwords — to content that is too personal to be published publicly.

– Information about WordPress Themes found on http://codex.wordpress.org –

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