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What is a Template?

The content management system called Joomla uses Templates for the design and layout of what you see in your browser. Template files can be very simple or complex depending on how they are developed and what functionality is included. Your template files may need to be modified further depending on what components or modules you use on your Joomla Website.

Joomla is just one example, now a days most websites are designed using some form of template even if it is just a centralized collection of CSS files.

The reason for this is simple, having a template makes it easy to do site wide updates and changes vs having to edit each page individually. This obviously saves time and assures consistency across the website.

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Help With Joomla CSS

Joomla CSS Style Sheet Programming Arizona

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the most widely used stylesheet language on the world wide web. It is standardized by the W3C and can be used to style any kind of XML document, including XHTML, SVG and XUL. It was conceived to ease the separation of content (written in XML markup) and presentation (written in CSS) of documents. CSS can be used to define and alter almost all presentation aspects of a document, like colours, font sizes and types, text direction, element sizes and positioning, etc. Joomla provides many class- and id-attributes in its XHTML output, which can be used to alter its presentation through the use of CSS definitions for said classes and ids. CSS can also be used to improve accessibility of documents. It also provides mechanisms to present the same XML markup in different ways, optimized for different devices like screen-readers, speech-synthesizing browsers, printers, and Braille-based, tactile devices.

– Information about Joomla Templates found on http://docs.joomla.org –

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Help With Joomla Templates

Joomla Template Design Arizona

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What can you do with a Template?

A template is used to manipulate the way content is delivered to a web browser or screen reader. Here are some ways you can employ this on your Joomla!-powered site.


The template is the place where the design of the main layout is set for your site. This includes where you place different elements (components, modules, and plugins), which are responsible for different types of content. For example: The various menus (you can chose from existing options and create your own) Advertising banners Polls The main body of the page (you can select from different styles such as typical blog layout, a news article, etc.)

If the template is designed to provide choices, you can also “dynamically” alter the content placement on your site, perhaps putting the main menu on the right or left side of the screen.

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