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When creating a Post in WordPress you have the option to use Tags. This feature helps you better arrange your post as well as making it easier to find post on your blog by those how visit and follow the topics you publish on your WordPress Blog. If you are going to use Tags on your Post then be sure to make them user friendly.

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tag is a keyword which describes all or part of a Post. Think of it like a Category, but smaller in scope. A post may have several tags, many of which relate to it only peripherally. Like Categories, Tags are usually linked to a page which shows all posts having the same tag. Tags can be created on-the-fly by simply typing them into the tag field. Tags can also be displayed in “clouds” which show large numbers of Tags in various sizes, colors, etc. This allows for a sort of total perspective on the blog, allowing people to see the sort of things your blog is about most. Many people confuse Tags and Categories, but the difference is easy: Categories generally don’t change often, while your Tags usually change with every Post.

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