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Monthly Archives: November 2015

WordPress and Plugins

If you have a WordPress Website it’s safe to say you are using Plugins. How many you have and what they do is the question.

WordPress Plugins are what lets you use WordPress for more than just a blog. A Plugin could be just a simple image slideshow or a full functioning Online Store and any where in between.

I work with a lot of client site’s and each one is unique. If you have a WordPress website, chances are you haven’t seen too many others and have little reason to think there is any difference from one to the next. Truth is that there is a huge difference. No two WordPress sites are identical.
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WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Using Page Builder by SiteOrigin for WordPress

If you have worked with WordPress one of the things you notice right away is how limited the Page and Post editor is. Very simple but not a lot of tools to work with. Well there’s a reason for this in that WordPress is Blog and used to create Post entries, a picture and paragraph.

With the popularity of WordPress growing, designers continue to push the limits.

Here’s the good news, you can replace the default editor with a Plugin. There are a variety of Editors you can install that will give you further functionality. Some work fairly well others are a bit buggy.

As a designer I mostly do Page and Post design by editing the Code (the text tab). This is typically what you would need to do to achieve advanced layout and formatting.
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WordPress Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to optimizing WordPress for the Search Engines you have a lot of choices on how you can include the desired content you want for the relevant search terms you wish to target.

Most of you know the basics as far as meta tags and keywords etc. Yes, the basics but there are so many other elements and tags you can use to improve your website’s exposure and sadly there is no one way to accomplish this. How you proceed will depend on the subject matter of your website and what goals you have.

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