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Monthly Archives: November 2014

WordPress and SEO – Will they find my website ???

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Optimizing WordPress for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization with WordPress can be interesting depending on how you decide to apply the terms you wish to utilize. The use of Meta Tags is the most common approach for optimizing your website. The first thing you will notice when you access the WordPress Dashboard for the first time is the absence of a place to input Meta Tag Information. How can this be you ask ? You find lots of WordPress site on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. So how can this be ? Well, clearly the use of Meta Tags is only one small part of Optimizing you website for the search engines. SEO is a very wide subject and in short there are dozens of things you can do to help your blog be found naturally or organically. No 2 sites are the same and no one approach is going to work for everyone. Each site is unique and what tactics you utilize is each to their own. To really do it right you need to really think it through and take the time to evaluate each part of your website.
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Finding a WordPress Designer in Arizona

WordPress Blog SoftwareMore and more companies are using WordPress for their website.

In Arizona there is only one person you need to call to get help with your WordPress website. (480)326-3283 Whether or not you need your blog updated a plugin installed or your theme modified that is the number to call. Keeping your website up to date is really important and with all the different ways WordPress can be utilized and configured sometimes updating them can be a challenge.
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Making WordPress Yours

WordPress Design and LayoutWordPress is becoming a household word.

If you have a website chances are you have heard of or seen a WordPress website. What is WordPress? What can WordPress do? How can I customize WordPress? Simply put, WordPress is a Blog and the differences between a Blog and a CMS are important to understand. In WordPress you can create a Page or a Post. Depending on which you use will produce different output. To customize the look and feel of your WordPress site requires you to understand and edit PHP code. Most of the changes will be done to the actual Theme files not WordPress files. The PHP programming you will need to do to the Theme will depend greatly on how the Theme was developed by the Theme developer / author. It is for this reason that finding help on-line can be tough. If you need help customizing your WordPress site call me today at (480) 326-3283