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Monthly Archives: October 2014

WordPress Updates and Keeping Things Working

Keeping your Plugins up to date can be a real challenge depending on how many and which ones you are using.

Updating WordPress Plugins

Do I need to update my plugins? is really a tough question. If everything is working why should I? Has an improvement been made? Have any changes been made to the plugin? Will updating this plugin affect my website in a negative way? These are all valid concerns and it all depends on how you have your blog is set up. Security is always a concern and keeping things up to date is typically the best way to stay ahead but sometimes it can be bad to have the latest and greatest. Open Source software is consistently evolving so try to understand that from time to time an issue may arise. With all the frequent updates to WordPress itself you really want to make sure that everything works as it should so keeping an eye on things and having backups can really save the day. The Theme you are using with your WordPress Blog also needs to be kept up to date so you can really get all the benefits WordPress has to offer. Keeping your Theme up to date is even a more difficult question to answer and all depends on where you acquired the theme itself. If you developed the theme yourself you should have a pretty good idea of what you want or need it to do. If you purchased the theme then  you are pretty much relying on the author to stay current and on top of things. If you had the theme developed for you then you should really stay in touch with the developer that you contracted. Many themes do not auto update so if you are relying on a notification  on your Dashboard regarding a theme update chances are you will be waiting for some time. If you need some to keep your WordPress website up to date give me a call so we can take a closer look at your blog.
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WordPress 4.0 – Getting Optimized and Getting Found

Do you have a WordPress website ????

Professional WordPress Design Management Arizona

If you do chances are your not using it to its fullest potential. WordPress is very popular and yes very powerful if you understand how to use all the functions it has to offer. Sadly most people use it just so than can easily edit a page on their website and that’s it. Sadly many web designers will give their clients WordPress for that exact reason. WordPress is a Blog not a CMS and if you use it the way it was meant to be used you will find it works very well. Extending its functionality is easy with the right Plugins and configuration. The configuration of the blog is very important and many times is over looked or disabled. The most important part of any WordPress site is the Theme. Themes vary dramatically from one to the next and if you don’t know or understand what a theme does you are already off to a bad start. To get the most out of your WordPress site you should really take the time to understand what it can do and have a clear strategy on how you plan to operate and maintain it. Running a website successfully takes time and skill and if it is too much for you to handle you should really consider having someone knowledgeable handle it for you.
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